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Friday, December 31: Cloudy Ahead of Rain

Thursday, December 30: Rain and Drizzle Ending

Wednesday, December 29: Rain Again

Tuesday, December 28: Cloudy and Rainy Stretch

Monday, December 27: Rain and Snow

Sunday, December 26: Sunny and Somewhat Cooler

Friday, December 24: Becoming Cloudy Again

Thursday, December 23: Chilly But Sunny

Wednesday, December 22: Sunny But Breezy

Tuesday, December 21: Winter Starts Cloudy

Monday, December 20: Chilly But Sunny

Sunday, December 19: Clouds Clearing

Friday, December 17: Cooler and Cloudier

Thursday, December 16: Back Into The 60s

Wednesday, December 15: Cloudier Weather Begins

Tuesday, December 14: Another Sunny Day

Monday, December 13: Pleasant and Sunny

Sunday, December 12: Sunny But Cooler

Friday, December 10: Cloudy But Warmer

Thursday, December 9: Chilly and Cloudy

Wednesday, December 8: Light Snow But Little Stickage

Tuesday, December 7: Much Chillier

Monday, December 6: Warmup Today Crashes Down Tonight

Sunday, December 5: Slightly Cooler Ahead of Rain

Friday, December 3: Cooler But Pleasant

Thursday, December 2: Significantly Warmer

Wednesday, December 1: A Little Warmer

Tuesday, November 30: Quite Cloudy

Monday, November 29: Chilly Again

Sunday, November 28: Warmer With Clearing

Friday, November 26: Windy and Chilly

Thursday, November 25: Briefly Warm

Wednesday, November 24: Slightly Warmer

Tuesday, November 23: Chilly and Breezy

Monday, November 22: Clouds Clearing

Sunday, November 21: Slightly Warmer

Friday, November 19: Chilly and Breezy

Thursday, November 18: Warm Temperatures Today Tumble Tonight

Wednesday, November 17: Warmer Temperatures

Tuesday, November 16: Less Windy and More Sunshine

Monday, November 15: Windy and Some Sunshine

Eclipse Thursday Night May Get Hindered By Rain

Sunday, November 14: Cloudier and Chilly

Friday, November 12: Rain Clears, Cooling Down

Thursday, November 11: Cooler With More Clouds

Wednesday, November 10: Slightly Cooler But Pleasant

Tuesday, November 9: Pleasant Weather

Monday, November 8: Warm and Sunny

Sunday, November 7: A Bit Warmer

Friday-Shabbos, November 5-6: Starting To Thaw

Thursday, November 4: Quiet Weather Continues

Wednesday, November 3: Sunny But Cool

Tuesday, November 2: Chilly Rain

Monday, November 1: Cool But Sunny

Sunday, October 31: Clearing and Breezy

Friday - Shabbos, October 29-30: Heavy Rain Friday, Drying Shabbos

Thursday, October 28: Briefly Tranquil

Wednesday, October 27: Clearing Skies

Tuesday, October 26: Windy and Chilly

Monday, October 25: Some Clouds Today, Rain Tonight

Sunday, October 24: Cloudier Few Days

Friday - Shabbos, October 22-23: Cooling Down

Thursday, October 21: Pleasant Weather Continues

Wednesday, October 20: Warmer and Sunny

Tuesday, October 19: Pleasant Fall Weather

Monday, October 18: Another Breezy and Cool Day

Sunday, October 17: Breezy and Cooler

Friday-Shabbos, October 15-16: Hot Friday, Stormy Shabbos

Thursday, October 14: Sunny and Warmer

Wednesday, October 13: Gradually Clearing Skies

Tuesday, October 12: Another Humid and Cloudy Day

Monday, October 11: Nearing The End of The Clouds & Humidity

Sunday, October 10: Cloudy and Humid

Friday-Shabbos, October 8-9: Cloudier and Humid Weather Continues

Thursday, October 7: Clouds Clear For Some Sunshine

Wednesday, October 6: Another Cloudy and Humid Day

Tuesday, October 5: Cooler But Cloudier

Monday, October 4: Another Muggy Day

Sunday, October 3: Warmer Ahead of Rainy Week

Friday - Shabbos, October 1-2: Pleasant Today, Warmer Shabbos

Sam To Pass East of Bermuda Tonight and Tomorrow

Thursday, September 30: Pleasant Weather

Monday - Wednesday, September 27-29: Warmer Through Tuesday, Then Cooler

Sunday, September 26: Beautiful Weather Continues

Friday - Shabbos, September 24-25: Beautiful Weather

Thursday, September 23: Morning Heavy Rain

Monday - Wednesday, September 20-22: Nice Weather Ahead of Rain

Sunday, September 19: Bright, Sunny Skies

Friday-Shabbos, September 17-18: Mostly Cloudy Today, Warmer Shabbos

Wednesday - Thursday (Yom Kippur), September 15 - 16: Warm Today, Cooler and Cloudier Thursday

Hurricane Update: Nicholas Crawling Through Deep South

Tuesday, September 14: Another Warm and Hazy Day; Update on Nicholas

Monday, September 13: Thicker Haze

Hurricane Update: Nicholas Expected To Dump Flooding Rains Along NW Gulf Coast

Sunday, September 12: Hotter With Hazy Skies

Friday - Shabbos, September 10-11: Getting Warmer, Sunny

Thursday, September 9: Overcast and Some Showers

Monday - Wednesday, September 6 - 8: Warmer, Sunny Through Rosh Hashana

Sunday, September 5: Late Day Rain

Friday - Shabbos, September 3 - 4: Beautiful Weather

Thursday, September 2: Clear and Cool

Wednesday, September 1: Heavy Rain and Strong Storms Today and Tonight

Tuesday, August 31: Rain and Drizzle Ahead of Ida

Monday, August 30: A Bit Warmer

Hurricane Update: Ida Rapidly Strengthens Overnight, Bears Down on Gulf Coast

Sunday, August 29: Some Clouds, Slightly Cooler

Friday - Shabbos, August 27 - 28: Stormier Weather

Thursday, August 26: Another Hot Day

Wednesday, August 25: Nearly The Same Weather

Tuesday, August 24: Gettting Even Warmer

Monday, August 23: Warming Up Today

Sunday, August 22: Wrap-Around Rain From Henri Today

Friday - Shabbos, August 20 - 21: More Rain Today, A Shower Shabbos

Thursday, August 19: Some Sunshine For A Change

Wednesday, August 18: More Storms Today

Tuesday, August 17: A Little Warmer

Monday, August 16: Rain and Drizzle Today and Tonight

Sunday, August 15: Cooler and Cloudier

Friday - Shabbos, August 13 - 14: Still Hot Friday, Cooler Shabbos

Thursday, August 11: Heat and Humidity Peak in Intensity

Wednesday, August 11: Heat Advisory In Effect

Tuesday, August 10: Hot and Humid

Monday, August 9: Nearly The Same Weather

Sunday, August 8: Clearer Skies, Warmer

Friday - Shabbos, August 5-6: Warmer Friday, Cloudier Shabbos

Thursday, August 5: Warmer Weather Begins

Wednesday, August 4: Nearly The Same As Tuesday

Tuesday, August 3: Cloudier But Dry

Monday, August 2: Bright But Cool

Sunday, August 1: A Rainy Day

Friday, July 30: Drier Air Builds In

Thursday, July 29: An Evening Shower

Wednesday, July 28: The Heat Drags On

Tuesday, July 27: Still Hot, Sunny

Monday, July 26: A Tad Warmer

Sunday, July 25: Warmer and More Humid

Friday, July 23: Temperatures Increase Slightly

Thursday, July 22: Cooler and Less Humid

Wednesday, July 21: Hazy, Similar Temperatures

MinyanCast: Today's Minyanim

Tuesday | March 28

This product is updated daily at 10:30pm for the next day, and when conditions warrant throughout the day


6:00 - 9:00 am

41 rising to 47

Partly sunny


2:00 - 6:30 pm

54 dropping to 52

Partly sunny


6:45 - 7:45 pm

52 dropping to 49

Mostly cloudy


7:45 - 11:00 pm

49 dropping to 43

Mostly cloudy

MinyanCast: Shabbos Minyanim

Shabbos | Parshas Tzav | March 31 - April 1

This product is updated daily for the upcoming Shabbos

Friday Evening

5:30 - 8:30 pm

66 dropping to 62


To Shacharis

7:00 - 9:30 am

55 rising to 61


From Shacharis

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

61 rising to 67



2:00 - 7:30 pm

71 dropping to 68

Partly sunny


8:00 - 9:00 pm

67 dropping to 64

Mostly cloudy

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