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Updated a 7:20pm: Snow Showers Tonight and Tomorrow

    7:20pm Monday Update: Radar shows the snow showers have moved on, with some more developing over Pennsylvania. Additional snow showers are likely tonight and tomorrow as well. A lot will be flurries or light snow, but a few could be heavier.
Everything is looping from northeast southward and then southeast. Temperatures have held steady near 30, and should drop to near 25 overnight. Wet areas could be icy tomorrow morning.

4:30pm Monday Update: Snow showers continue, off and on, across the area. If it is only a few heavier spurts, we probably won't get more than a coating. But if keeps up with the heavier stuff, for extended periods of time, we could still get 2-4 inches. A few areas of Maryland got snow rates of 1-2" per hour, in the past couple hours. It all depends on exact location.

2pm Monday Update: The Winter Weather Advisory has been extended to last until 9am Tuesday. Snow has begun, and will continue through tonight. 
Snow (indicated in white) will be looping from the northeast around to the southeast. 

The National Weather Service is now predicting 1 to 2 inches of snow and a glaze of ice. However, they seem to be factoring in a good deal of freezing rain today - but it's snowing outside. 
A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 6am Tuesday for additional snowfall today and tonight. There is a big boom or bust factor for today and tonight.

We could get just 2 or 3 inches through tonight. But if we get several snow bands over us, we could hit 5 or 6 inches. 

Looking at the computer models, they seem to have a consensus for 3 inches through tonight. 

But there is also a 'boom' potential, with 6 inches not out of the question. 
This National Weather Service prediction actually shows 7-9 as the high end, but let's not get carried away. 
The low pressure system is developing offshore this morning, and will slowly move northward today. The low is boxed in orange. 

Snow showers are expected this afternoon through tonight. It likely won't be a continuous snowfall, but showers. 
If some of the heavier bands love through our area, we could see a lot of snow. 

This is incredibly difficult to predict however, since it is a difference of a couple miles. 

Regardless, some flurries and snow showers are possible Tuesday as well. Accumulations of a coating of snow are possible.

Our prediction yesterday for 2 to 4 inches was right on target:
-National Weather Service spotters reported 2.5 - 4 inches
-BWI got 3.8 inches (breaks the 1985 record of 3.7 for January 31)

Our predictions for total snowfall, Sunday through Tuesday, have been for 6 to 9 inches. If we get 3 inches, then we were right. If it's 6, we are still good...

Gusty conditions are expected as this low strengthens offshore, with winds 15 to 25 mph and gusts to 35 mph. 

Wednesday brings a high of 36 and partly sunny skies. 


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