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Updated at 8pm: Now A Winter Weather Advisory

  Update at 8pm Sunday: The Winter Storm Warning has been cancelled, and replaced with a Winter Weather Advisory. The National Weather Service may put the Winter Storm Warning back in place tomorrow, as tonight there will be minimal accumulations but more is expected tomorrow and tomorrow night. 
The advisory goes until 10am Monday. 
Important to note is that this forecast for Monday-Tuesday is relying on a storm system forming that hasn't developed yet. It is more than a guess, but not as good as tracking an already-developed system. 

Therefore, we could end up with very little tomorrow into Tuesday - or a lot, if we get the heavier snow bands.
Update at 4:15pm Sunday: Approximately 2 inches fell today, per reported totals from nearby areas. Assuming we get another half inch to an inch through this evening, that falls neatly into our prediction of 2 to 4 inches today.

We are still on track for a light glaze of ice and maybe a coating of sleet tonight, before snow returns for Monday afternoon and Monday night. 3 to 5 inches still appears likely in addition to whatever fell today. 

The freezing rain tonight could melt down the snow, causing the accumulations at the end of this event to be lower than the actual amounts. 

Still, the total would likely be 3 to 5 inches tomorrow. There is a potential for 6 to 9 inches tomorrow alone, though that depends on the minuscular track of the low. A mile or two can make the difference, and that is very hard to predict with certainty.

For now, assume we get 3 to 5 inches, but don't be surprised if we do get more.


Snow is falling, and will continue today. More of an icy mix tonight, before we get even stronger stuff tomorrow. 

The 10am radar shows snow showers moving across the area, with more to come. 
The low pressure system (the red L near the orange arrow) is over Illinois/Indiana. This will move towards Ohio today. Meanwhile, colder air is funneled in from up north - the blue H with the purple arrow. 

We are on track for 2 to 4 inches of snow today, maybe 5-6 if we get some of the heavier stuff. 

The record for January 31 for the most snow is 3.7". We are on track to beat that record, which was set in 1985. These measurements and records go by BWI Airport, which might get a bit less than us. 

Then it turns to an icy mix tonight. It likely will be lighter since dry air will move in. 

A lull in precipitation is expected between 2am tonight and mid morning Monday. 

Then snow returns by noon Monday, continuing into Monday night. Some additional snow showers are possible through Tuesday morning. 

Another 3 to 5 inches of snow could fall. This depends on the exact development of the new low pressure system. 

Breezy conditions can be expected Monday into Tuesday.

See our winter weather page and check back for updates. 


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Wednesday | June 14

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77 dropping to 74

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8:00 - 9:00 pm

74 dropping to 68

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9:00 - 11:30 pm

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