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Gusty Winds Tomorrow - Watch Any Fires

     Very gusty winds are expected Friday, with a Wind Advisory in effect. 

The strongest winds will be between 11am and 7pm Friday. Winds of 20 to 25 mph are expected, with gusts to 45-50 mph. This could easily spread fires out of control. 

The gusty winds will "enhance the threat for the spread of wildfires", the National Weather Service is cautioning. 

Recent rain, however, will limit how much fires could spread, so it isn't the worst case scenario. 

Some rain is also expected tonight, which should help eliminate the ability for fires to spread. 

To sum it up, watch any fires you make (for chometz or the like) closely to ensure they don't spread. 

High temperatures Friday will soar to near 78. 

Shabbos will turn out beautiful, with highs near 70 under sunny skies. 


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